Hyderabad is home to many good food shops with great tasting sweets & snacks. You can also get fresh & authentic ingredients such as various types of spices and curry powders from these shops. Here are the steps for getting them to USA through our group shipping service.

Step 1: Get your shipping address from here.

Step 2: Shop online at your favorite shop(s) (such as Almond House / Vellanki / Dadu’s / Pista House / others). You can also ask for delivery from local shops using Swiggy (more details on using Swiggy below). Please let us know if you need help with this at 1-866-NISIPLUS or +91 78934 12137.

When purchasing sweets, make sure to buy only those with good enough shelf life, solid and won’t break during shipment. Here is how to check if you not sure.

Example(s): Vellanki website product page showing USA shipping is Yes or No. Same with other websites.

Step 3: At Checkout time, use the Nisi Plus shipping address and checkout for delivery. By entering this address, all the products will be delivered to our Hyderabad office. Please ensure this is delivered about a day before the planned shipment start date.

Note: If you or any of your representatives in India/USA receive OTP’s for the orders you placed, please don’t forget to forward them to [email protected] OR send WhatsApp message to either 1-866-NISIPLUS (USA) OR to +91-7893412137 (India).  Without these OTP’s, sometimes, the agents will not hand over the items to our India office. 

Step 4: Once your item reaches our Hyderabad address, you will get notifications through Whatsapp / Email.

Step 5: We will then work with you and co-ordinate the shipment to your pickup location. You will be able to pay through our website itself.

Step 6: Finally, we will notify you when it is ready for pickup at your nearest pickup location.

Please refer to the list of prohibited items.

Destination address in Hyderabad can be searched on Swiggy using “Gem Ascentia”. This comes under Shilpa hills, which is same as Khanamet or Hitex Convention Road (Novotel Road). Sometimes some apps show this as Kondapur too. All these are same

Following locations can be identified in Swiggy App (or website), for various sweet shops. However, you can choose any outlet, though they may take higher delivery charges:

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