Group Shipping is when orders from multiple users are combined together and sent to a single address for pickup. Group shipping is much cheaper than regular shipping, sometimes 70% cheaper.

For example, when you ship a package from India to the USA the shipping cost can be as high as $24 for 1 LB. With group shipping when multiple orders are combined and shipped together, the cost comes down to as low as $5 per LB. With group shipping, the package may not come to your door, instead you will have to pick up from a location nearby, often it is on the way to your work, school or park. 

Nisi Plus as a company was born out of the idea that when customers shop together, they can win big with better pricing and cost savings. Products on our website are the same exact quality as you would find on top e-commerce sites in the USA, just that we can get it to customers for 30-50% lesser. 

Here is an example:

Price on our website through Group Shipping is $9.60. Price on any of the other major websites are $20+ (as of this writing). That is significant savings. Our customers save on average $15 – $35 per order, versus purchasing from other websites. Now, that is a good way to save cash at this time of high inflation!

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