Step 1: Get your shipping address from here,

Step 2: Shop at Myntra (or Amazon India). At Checkout time, use the above shipping address and checkout. Please make sure the address is entered correctly. By entering this shipping address, all the products that were purchased will be shipped to our Hyderabad office.

Step 3: Once your item reaches our Hyderabad address, you will get notifications through Whatsapp / Email about them.

Step 4: You can then let us know which group shipment you would like us to send to USA, and complete payment through our website ( We are Incorporated in Delaware, and based out of Dallas, TX.

Step 5: You can then pickup from your nearest pickup location, and save big even for small packages!

Note: If you or any of your representatives in India/USA receive OTP’s for the orders you placed, please don’t forget to forward them to [email protected] OR send WhatsApp message to either 1-866-NISIPLUS OR to +91-7893412137.  Without these OTP’s, sometimes, the agents will not hand over the items to our India office. 

Extra Step: If you need help buying from any sites in India because your USA credit cards do not work OR if you have issue with OTP due to Indian number, then we can help through our Personal Shopping experience. 

Please email us the links of the items you wish to buy ([email protected]) and we will buy for you for a flat convenience fee of $2.

We will generate payment link that you can use to pay in US dollars (plus applicable shipping costs to USA, based on weight of those items).  You will directly receive those items for pickup, in USA. 

If you are buying anything other than clothes or sweets, please refer to the list of prohibited items and in case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, so we can clarify if your items can be shipped.

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