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Group Shipping

Group Shipping is when orders from multiple users are combined together and sent to a single address for pickup. Group shipping is much cheaper than regular shipping, sometimes 70% cheaper. For example, when you ship a package from India to the USA the shipping cost can be as high as $24 for 1 LB. With […]

Men’s Indian Clothing

Comes in Kurta and Nehru Jacket and various other forms, for ethnic clothing line. “Since the bandhgala outer garment (long and shorter versions) was donned by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru during the 1940s, it became a style statement and was popularly known as the ‘Nehru jacket’, after him,” Sood said. But it was only in 1964, […]

Ethnic Indian Clothing

The history of Indian clothing started with the Indus Valley civilization that utilized to spin, weave and color cotton, which made the cotton industry progress greatly. In ancient times – and still today – silk or cotton were woven into different designs peculiar to each distinctive locale. There are numerous distinctive sorts of clothing traditionally […]

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