Buy from your favorite online or offline stores in India (eg., Myntra), or ship from your home in India, to USA. Ship small packages of clothes / food / home decor / utensils to USA for super low price. India shopping & shipping made more affordable without bothering anybody in India!

  • Our shipping charges from Hyderabad  to multiple USA locations. Only $5 per LB. 
  • Minimum weight: 1 LB (For eg., one top or shirt weighs approximately 1 LB only. So India Price + $5 for getting the product in USA!!!)

We have group shipments scheduled to multiple locations in the USA. Our prices are the lowest...

Please refer to the list of prohibited items and please contact us if you have any questions.

Click Here    To Get NP id & India Address For Group Shipping

Five Steps To Low Cost Shipping from India!

Step 1: Get your virtual address by clicking on the above link.

The virtual address is specific to each user. It has a user id (aka NP-ID) along with our physical mailing address in Hyderabad.

Step 2: Shop any online store and use this address for delivery. Also, use this to ship items from home or offline stores in Hyderabad (eg., sweet shops).

You can use local & inexpensive courier service to send items to our office from within Hyderabad & other locations in India.

Hyderabad only: Swiggy Genie, Rapido, Uber etc. Merchants in Hyderabad can drop products directly to this address.

India: DTDC couriers.

Note: You can combine products purchased on, with other items you are shipping. Please note all the products sold through our website are also from brands rated 4+ on Amazon India & Myntra.

Step 3: Once your items reach our Hyderabad office, within 12 hours, you will get an email notification with images and a payment link. You can complete payment on our website using any credit cards in USA. We are Incorporated in Delaware, and based out of Dallas, TX.

Step 4: We now have weekly or bi-weekly shipments to multiple locations.

Please let us know the date and USA pickup location. It takes 4-7 days for shipping.

Step 5: Finally, you can pickup from your nearest location, and save big even for small packages!

Shipping is significantly cheaper, about 70% cheaper, compared to the price of regular courier services.

If you also need help buying because your USA credit cards do not work on India sites, we can help through our Personal Shopping service. Please contact us.

Note: All international couriers, use either actual or volumetric weight. Please see information from UPS at  Dimensional/Volumetric Weight

Note: Packages received & paid before 8AM IST on the shipment date, will be shipped same day.