Ship clothes / food / home decor / utensils from your home in India, or buy from your favorite stores in India such as Myntra or Amazon India. Ship them to USA for super low price. India shopping & shipping made more affordable without bothering anybody in India!

  • Our shipping charges from Hyderabad  or Kerala to multiple USA locations. Only $5 per LB. 
  • Minimum weight: 1 LB

We have group shipments scheduled to multiple locations in the USA.  Our prices are the lowest…

Please WhatsApp / Call / Text us at 1-866-NISIPLUS, or Email us at [email protected] for additional details. Thank you!

How it works?

We will provide you a Hyderabad or Kerala based virtual address to send your items in India. The virtual address is specific to each user, please WhatsApp/Call/Text us at 1-866-NISIPLUS, or Email Us for getting one for yourself. Your virtual address has an ID specific to you, along with our physical mailing address in Hyderabad or Kerala.

You can then send all your items for shipping to our address either in Hyderabad or Kerala. You can also use this same address when you are purchasing directly on, Amazon India, FabIndia, or other websites in India.  

You can also combine products purchased on, with the items you are shipping. All the products sold through our website are also from brands rated 4+ on Amazon India & Myntra.

Once your items reach our Hyderabad / Kerala location, it will be available for group shipping. We will reach out to you with the estimated price and you can confirm when it should be shipped. We have weekly or bi-weekly shipments to multiple locations, and it takes between 4 – 7 days after shipping. You can then pickup your items from a location near you.  

Shipping is significantly cheaper, about 70% cheaper, compared to the price of regular courier services. 

We are happy to answer any additional questions. Please text us at 1-866-NISIPLUS .

Five Steps To Low Cost Shipping from India!

Step 1: Get your virtual address by WhatsApp / call / text to 1-866-NISIPLUS , or through email at [email protected]

Step 2: Use the virtual address provided to you and ship your items to our Hyderabad address. You can use this address and shop on Myntra / Amazon India/ FabIndia / others, or for shipping items from home.

Step 3: Once your item reaches our Hyderabad / Kerala address, you will get notifications through Whatsapp / Email.

Step 4: You can then let us know which group shipment you would like us to send to USA, and complete payment through our website ( We are Incorporated in Delaware, and based out of Dallas, TX.

Step 5: You can then pickup from your nearest pickup location, and save big even for small packages!

(If you also need help buying from these sites because your USA credit cards doesn’t work, then we can help through our Personal Shopping experience. Please call us directly for this service)

For payments, in addition to the payments available online, mentioned at the time of checkout, you can use online bank transfer option too.  Our bank details are:

 A/C Name: NisiPlus Inc.

 Bank Account Number: xxxxxxx6

 Routing Number: 084106768

 Bank Name: Mercury

Just transfer the amount online and send the screenshot to [email protected], if this payment method is convenient for you!

Note: All international couriers, including those operating in USA, use volumetric (aka dimensional) weight of the parcel.  So, the total shipped weight might be slightly different from the actual weight.  You can calculate this weight yourself too.  Please see information from UPS, for example: Dimensional/Volumetric Weight